About Us

Chicago as seen from Lincoln Park

COSM, founded in 1965, has been one of the longstanding centers of excellence for Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine care in Chicago. The latest generation of surgeons and non-surgeons, provides state-of-the-art treatments such as arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques for sports injuries, arthritis, and fracture care. Radiology, physical therapy, pain management, and pre and post-surgical care are all available at two convenient locations on the near Northside.

Our clinicians are advancing Orthopaedic care by training the next generation of Orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, and therapists at the University of Illinois - Chicago and Northwestern University.

We understand that musculoskeletal problems hurt and the apprehension felt by patients whether or not they require surgery. The goal for our patients: comprehensive and personalized care to minimize pain and accelerate recovery from both surgical and non-surgical problems.